12 Ways to Advocate for Women in Ministry

By Elizabeth

As Jaron and I serve together, we’ve noticed that there are genuine leaders who give voice to the idea that we as Wesleyans support women in ministry. We recognize that when we look a the whole of scripture and the life of Jesus, women matter in our marriages, churches, and at the very highest levels of leadership. But we’ve also noticed that many leaders and lay people, women and men, have no idea how to actually advocate for women in ministry. We’re steeped in cultural and institutional systems that paint another narrative all together. Yet, we are not helpless.

I wrote a post called 12 Ways to Advocate for Women in ministry for The Junia Project, a website committed to the inclusion of women and ministry and an egalitarian approach to marriage. I hope it’s helpful in the most practical kinds of ways as the church seeks to better reflect the Kingdom of God.


Side note:  Earlier in the year, I also wrote a wee bit about what I believe the first three chapters of Genesis have to say about the relationships between women at The Foundry Community. See The Genesis Series: Women Matter. And more recently, a totally unrelated post about 5 prayer practices. If you are interested, check it out here.


Parting Shot

The hydrangea bush a the end of our driveway is blooming. It’s beautiful, as always. Over the next 6 months or so, the pastels will turn to deep indigo. Then, just the moment they’re fading away and you think they’re finished for the year, they’ll turn to a deep burgundy color. But the first pastel blooms of the year are always really special for this is how it looked when we first moved to New Zealand. This will be our fourth time to watch the transformation of the flowers as they mark the passage of the seasons.

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