A Day in the Life (Jaron Edition)

Taking in the view with Q during a recent hike near Lake Taupo.

A couple of months ago Elizabeth gave us a glimpse into one day of her life. In this post I’ve done the same. Like Elizabeth, no two days of my life are ever exactly the same, but this provides a small glimpse of one of my days. I also took the liberty to note a regular activity in my schedule that didn’t take place on this day, but that is increasingly part of my weekly routine.

6:16 am: I roll out of bed. Elizabeth’s alarm went off at six, and after hitting the snooze button a few times, it’s time to start the day. It’s getting harder and harder to get up as the days get shorter. Most mornings, staying in a warm bed sounds better than stumbling through the dark in the cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit of our morning bedroom. I brush my teeth and put on some workout clothes.

6:28 am: I head into the living room to start my workout. I’m careful to shut the doors to Q’s bedroom, the hall, and the living room so that I don’t disturb his sleep. Today is chest, back, and core day. I alternate between chest exercises in the living room and pull-ups and rows in the garage. Anytime I sit down on the mat our dog Laylee nuzzles my hand so that I scratch her between or even during exercise.

6:48 am: Q wakes up and wanders into the living room sleepy eyed and with furry friends (stuffed animals) in hand. I pause my workout to get his breakfast started with apple and peanut butter. After that I’ll make some oatmeal for him. Some days he has a smoothie chock full of greens as well. Q definitely believes the age-old wisdom that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

6:55 am: Q is eating so I get back into my workout. I like to multitask so in between sets I make Q’s lunch, wash some breakfast dishes, and change some loads of laundry.

7:50 am: Time to get dressed and ready for the day.

8:07 am: I grab some breakfast while Q talks to Gigi (my Mom) on Facetime. Elizabeth heads to church to lead one of our playgroups.

8:37 am: Q finishes his conversation with Gigi, and we head out the door for school.  We pray as we walk. Then, Q quotes a Bible verse that has become part of the morning school routine. “So do not fear for I am with you. Do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10.

8:45 am: I’m back from school drop off, change another load of laundry, make some iced matcha tea, put the dog out, grab my bag and head for my office. I’ll listen to a daily Bible reading in the car via the YouVersion app.

9:05 am: Arrive at church. As I walk through the sanctuary to my office, I chat for a few minutes with the people who have arrived early for our playgroup.

Symbolic of life? Nah. But a funny picture from a recent visit to a 3D museum in Rotorua, NZ.

9:11 am: (My heart still skips a beat as I write that number). I spend a bit of time in my office for Bible reading and devotional time, after that I’ll check my emails and work on a few administrative tasks.

10:00 am: Time for a video conference meeting. Meeting with other leaders from the district and field is an important part of my role in NZ. Video conference technology sure makes that helpful when distance dictates that I can’t be in the same room. See you at lunch!

12:07 pm: Meeting ended.

12:08 pm: Called my Dad on FaceTime. He had called during the meeting to ask a few questions about our U.S. tax return. Since we are overseas, my parents help us take care of any personal business stateside.

12:25 pm: I’m off the phone with Dad, heading home for lunch.

12:41 pm: Had an impromptu meeting with Elizabeth in the car park before she goes to run some errands. Going for lunch for real now!

1:35 pm: I’ve finished my lunch and Elizabeth is back from running errands. We chat as we hang some laundry.

1:45 pm: Make iced matcha #2 and head back to the church. I decide to walk this time.

1:59 pm: I arrive back at church and work on selecting the music for Sunday’s worship service. This involves practicing my guitar. I enjoy doing this as its worshipful and reflective for me. I started playing guitar when we moved to New Zealand so that I could help lead worship at our church. The capo is an amazing invention! Playing has become a spiritual practice of sorts.

3:10 pm: Elizabeth texts that she and Q are on their way to pick me up so that I can watch Q’s horse-riding lessons. I haven’t been in a while so I’m excited to see how he has progressed. I walk out and sit on the church steps and respond to a few emails on my phone while I wait for them to arrive.

Elizabeth snapped this picture of our court in use during our recent young adult retreat. It’s at least this busy with workers from neighboring factories before shifts, during lunch breaks, and after shifts each day. We are so excited about this new addition to our church property.

4:00 pm: No two of my days are exactly the same. One of the fun things going on at Crossroads Church these days is that we just added a half-court basketball court to our property, including a high-quality hoop. There are very few public basketball courts in our city. The ones that do exist are typically small and in poor condition. Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in New Zealand. People from the neighborhood and the factories next door come to play multiple times each day. I keep a pair of basketball shoes and shorts in my office so that I can play with them and get to know them. I didn’t play on this day, but I often do around this time and I wanted to include it. I love it, and it’s such a great way to connect with and be a resource to our community.

4:05 pm: Horse-riding lessons are over. I drop Elizabeth and Q at the house where they’ll work on homework and head back to the office to finish things up there.

5:05 pm: Arrive home for dinner. I cook hamburgers on the grill while Elizabeth cooks broccoli on the stove and preps lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, pickles and cheese for the burgers.

5:35 pm: Family dinner. Tonight, we end up talking about weird dreams we’ve had. I’m not sure how we got started but it is definitely an entertaining topic for all three of us.

6:00 pm: Dishes. Elizabeth and I clean up while Q starts getting ready for bed after bringing his dishes to the counter.

6:25 pm: Bedtime routine with Q. We all gather in his room to pray, read a Bible passage, sing a few songs and tell stories. Elizabeth continues reading to him and gives him some extra bedtime snuggles.

6:45 pm: I sit down at my computer to do a few more minutes of work. I book airport parking for a trip I have to Australia for an upcoming board meeting.

7:20 pm: I sit down on the couch next to Elizabeth to read and chat for a bit.

9:00 pm: Time to get ready for bed. I’ll read for a while before turning off the light and falling to sleep.

Parting Shot

As the weather has become more rainy, it seems like the rainbows have been exceptionally prolific and vibrant. We felt like we were at the end of the rainbow when we saw this one!


  1. Thanks for sharing a good day with us.
    Tell Elizabeth and Q Hi.
    Tell Q Roll Tide !!!

    PS we have registered 4 new starts since January here in Georgia. PTL !!!

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