Dear America, The World is Watching

By Elizabeth

This week's supermoon in Australia.
This week’s supermoon in Australia.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that when Q and I greeted Jaron as we walked through airport security in Auckland International Airport, laden in luggage and overnight flight fogginess, the day after the US presidential election that we were quickly intercepted by a woman…And a cameraman…With a microphone.

“Are you American?”

“What do you think of the election?”

“Who did you vote for?”

“Will lots of Americans be trying to move to New Zealand now?”

Since we first arrived a year ago, the conversations have gone like this, “Hi I’m so and so. Glad to meet you. Are you from America? What do you think of the presidential race?” At the grocery store and the playground and church and in lines at New Zealand’s tourism hot spots.” My kiwi neighbor kids told me they were having a mock US election at their school.

America, in case you were wondering, the world is watching. The world is holding its collective breath on economics and trade agreements and civil rights and immigration and refugee policies and all the things that have been front and center during this election cycle. Truly, the impact is more far reaching than American borders. And the world is wondering, “America, are you really the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

What the world needs to see is Jesus.

So, American Christians, while you have the world’s eye, you have an incredible opportunity. Church, don’t miss this. Fellow Jesus followers, don’t take it lightly. We have an opportunity to model for the world how a great and diverse people works through conflict. We have an opportunity to demonstrate what it means to be gracious and merciful and compassionate and Christ-like. Church in America: we have the opportunity to show Jesus to the world.

In the way we…

Offer words of grace to family members who voted differently


Shake hands with the neighbor who rooted for the other side


Offer hospitality to those who come from a different tribe, creed, culture, or context


Stand up for those who fear


Sit with those who grieve


Lend a hand to a stranger


Have compassion for those who lack


Facilitate peace through words and actions


Build bridges


Ask questions



Whether your candidate won or lost. Whether you are on the right or the left or neither. Whether the President does or does not do these things. Why? Because mercy and compassion, humility and grace have always been the way of Christ. Every day. For 2,000+ years. In times of peace. In times of turmoil. Whether anyone is watching or not. Church, do we remember how Jesus loved? Can we live how Jesus lived?

When Jesus was asked, “Who is my neighbor?” he told a story about a Samaritan man who helped a Jewish man. They couldn’t have been more different in race or religion. They couldn’t have come from more opposite sides of the tracks. They couldn’t have had a bigger cultural divide to cross. This kind of thing… it’s not new to Jesus. He has been here before.

So, American church, the world is watching. And the world wants to know if America is a place where hate is harbored or where love is unconditional; where rioters have the last say or peaceful conversations abound; where lines are drawn or bridges are built. The world wants to know what we are going to do in the face of turmoil. The world needs to see how our God and our faith stand up to chaos. The world needs to see if we have anything of value to offer after all.



  1. Very well said as always and I totally agree but what saddens me is that the world will see what the media wants it to see. When all those wonderful things happen (and I’m sure they do) will it be news?

    • Yes, I totally understand this. Of course media will show the radical 1%, but they may also see the response of the public to the radical 1%. I think the world also has the chance to see a lack of news, if that makes sense. The absence of volatile reactions has the opportunity to speak loudly, as do the situations where people respond really well. Yesterday, I saw a story where some college students stood up for a black girl who was being harassed. They linked arms with her and walked across campus. While that story may or may not be picked up by a big news station, we can tell those stories by what we share on our own social media pages as well. So, yes, I totally hear you, but we can all do our part to create good news and in doing so live the Good News.

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