Dog Days of Summer, Season 2

By Elizabeth

The Graham family at Ruakaka beach on the way to youth camp.

This time last year, I wrote a blog post about our adventures in dog-sitting. It was a great way to have a furry friend to play with without any of the commitment. Q, in particular, loves having a canine companion to cuddle, chase, and partner in his escapades. I love the freedom of short-term pet obligations. It also proved to be a great way to make friends of the human variety. We even ate Christmas dinner with a precious family we met through dog-sitting.

Meeting Laylee for the first time

However, when Q and I visited our dog Bailey at my parents’ house in the States this past October, all of his four-year-old longing for a canine companion of his very own came rushing back to him in a flood of unquenchable hopes, dreams, and emotions.

I on the other hand, have about a million reasons for not wanting a dog. We travel a lot. We have a very small yard. Dogs create added expenses and bigger messes. The list goes on. However, things really came to a head one day in the car after dog-sitting Macey for a day. “Mommy, I like dog-sitting Macey. I want to keep dog-sitting her, but I also really want a dog of my own that doesn’t have to go home at the end of the day.” It was a knife in this mama’s heart.

The happiest of boys

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 4 ½ years of parenting our boy, it’s that sometimes the very best thing a parent can do, is throw all reason to the wind and do the unreasonable.

Laylee’s first trip to the beach

So, Jaron and I hemmed and hawed and thought and prayed and then we plotted. On Christmas morning, Q’s face morphed from confusion to elation as the realization dawned that he would be getting a puppy of his very own. When we asked him what he wanted to name his puppy, Q promptly said, “Laylee.” A few days later, a sweet Miniature Schnauzer puppy named Laylee came home to live with us. She is the fulfillment of a certain little boy’s deep longing. And she’s doing a pretty good job of stealing my heart too.



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