Jaron in Ireland Part 2

Jaron is over halfway through his time in Ireland He has spent every day visiting different sites significant to the life and development of the church and then worshiped with an Irish church family on Sunday. In this post, you’ll find short video blogs of a burial ground, a cathedral, and a library. And, just to melt your heart a teeny bit, I shared his sweet little goodnight video for Q.

We’re definitely missing Daddy on our end, marking off every single day on the calendar, and extremely grateful for the technology that has made it possible for us to talk everyday, if even for just a few minutes. There will be more video blog posts (vlogs, if you’re super hip) this week. If you’re like me, they’re good for living vicariously through Jaron and plotting my future trip to the land of the Irish.

The Burial Ground: Newgrange

The Cathedral: St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin

The Library: Trinity Library (home of the Book of Kells), Dublin

The Sweetest Goodnight Video

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