Jaron in Ireland Part 3

We’re still enduring the blazing heat of summer in our part of the world, grateful for a little bit of relief in the evenings and early mornings. Q, in particular, is longing for days when he can choose to wear jeans, cowboy boots, chaps, a vest, and a hat without Mommy saying, “Sorry, Buddy, you’ll be way too hot in all of  that.” Jaron, however, is enjoying much cooler weather in Ireland, as these videos give evidence to. At the same time, we’ve been busy thinking about and planning to clothe our growing boy in a different hemisphere. Will these summer clothes last until “winter” hits New Zealand sometime around April or May? One thing is for sure: there won’t be warm Christmas sweaters for us.  Enjoy the latest installment of Jaron’s Celtic Pilgrimage vlogs.

St. Brigid’s Cathedral– St. Brigid must have been quite possibly one of the coolest women ever to live.

Down Patrick Cathedral–Watch this if you want to know a little bit of how a boy Donamed Patrick became St. Patrick.

Down Patrick Cathedral (from the outside)

St. Patrick’s Well–Can you say, “Brrrrr?!”

Struell Wells (where St. Patrick’s Well is located. Cold bath, anyone?)

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