Magnificent Seven

By Q

This month, we’re celebrating the birthday of our very own Secret Agent Q!

We have a tradition that each year during Q’s birthday month he writes a blog post. He can write about whatever comes to his mind. You can check out his previous posts here, here, and here. It’s fun to see the ways he has grown. It’s also impossibly hard to believe that he is seven. SEVEN. How?! He was just a three-year-old when we moved here. We anticipate that seven will be filled with animal facts, outdoor exploration, tons of reading, Saturday morning soccer, pure sweetness, and a good helping of silliness.

One thing you should know about Q is that he loves so well. He’s also a great gift-giver. Case in point: He hatched a plan to give me a pinata for Mother’s Day and filled it with sweet little notes and pictures, along with my favorite super dark chocolate, and even a bit of his own candy. It was precious. But don’t worry, he’s a good combination of ornery too. Part of his motivation behind the pinata was that he imagined that it would be so funny to watch me try and hit it. Hmmm…

With no further ado, here’s Mr. Q.

Hiking in Taupo, NZ

Seven is my favorite number, along with 17 and 70. Those are my other two favorite numbers. I turned seven a couple of weeks ago, and the fact that it’s one of my favorite numbers makes being seven awesome.

Being six was good because I took horse riding and swimming lessons and went skiing on the South Island. I hugged a koala in Australia. We also got face-to-face with a venomous snake in the wild (of Australia). We went to America for Christmas and I got the snow that I prayed for.

Being seven will be fantastico (that is a Spanish word). While six was amazing, fantastico is better.

One of my favorite things to do is imagine. I can imagine while I’m just sitting somewhere, and I can imagine with just one toy. I like that I can imagine anywhere because I’ve got a portable imagining kit. It is called my brain.

I am playing soccer right now. The season lasts for two terms. I like soccer because we get to play two games each Saturday against different teams. I just love soccer. It is marmazing! (That is marvelous and amazing put together. Marmazing is in Quentin-ese language. That is the language I speak sometimes.) Swimming, horse riding lessons, and soccer are superful (That’s super and wonderful combined).

One thing I like about being seven is that I can fly a remote-control helicopter. It says it is for people 14 years old, but I can fly it and do all kinds of tricks. It is sutastic! (That is a Quentin-ese word as well. It’s super and fantastic at the same time.)

Birthday ice cream and birthday smiles!!

I love learning facts about animals, and I love animals, especially African savannah animals. I just love all sorts of creatures. I really like caracals. Caracals are African wild cats that can jump really high in the air and catch guinea fowls in mid-air! They are fast runners too! Caracals rely on camouflage to hunt their prey.

Proboscis monkeys live in the Indonesian rain forest. They have big noses to show the females they are healthy and strong. They use their big noses to sound the alarm call. They are good in the trees. Proboscis monkeys have webbed feet. They are more comfortable in the water than any other monkey. Two of their predators are gharial crocodiles and clouded leopards. Proboscis monkeys are endangered.

One more creature to learn about: orangutans. Orangutans are strong as five men. Their habitat is being cut down. They are endangered like proboscis monkeys.  

In Q-world, my made-up world, I have made up creatures like venomous pythons. Real pythons are not venomous snakes, they are constricting snakes. Venomous pythons that I made up are constricting snakes and venomous snakes.

Just a wee jump and horse riding lessons.

My family has decided that we may get chickens. If we get chickens, I want to set up a fresh egg business in my neighborhood. I will collect the eggs from the chickens and sell them. And of course, we’ll keep some eggs for ourselves to eat. I’m looking forward to making some money. We’ll have to turn our aluminum shed into a chicken house, or maybe make a portable one. I’m going to feed my chickens chicken feed and the compost. It will be a lot easier for me to take out the compost. That’s one of my jobs already. I will be able to just walk outside and say, “Hey chickens! Breakfast time!” and throw out all the compost on the grass.

Q and Laylee at Lake Taupo

Our dog Laylee is two human years old (about 14 dog years). I love having her in the family. She is a nice dog—she doesn’t bite. She likes to play hide and seek with me. I hide. She waits. When I call “Laylee,” she comes and finds me. Sometimes I just fake that I’m just an object because I’m so still, and she doesn’t find me, at least I think she doesn’t.

Secret Agent Q’s Birthday Party

I liked my birthday party because it was a spy party and I was the 007 Agent. My code name was Secret Agent Q. For one of the training activities, we had to crawl through lasers. There were two teams. One team had to solve the case of the missing party favors. The other team had to solve the case of the missing cupcakes. The cupcakes had footprints on them. My team’s case was the case of the missing cupcakes. Both the party favors and the cupcakes were found!

The person who took the cupcakes was Anita Bathe. She wasn’t as stinky as her name might have sounded. She just took the cupcakes for a little snack, but she had too much of the treat. She hid them in the small hallway by the girls’ bathroom.

Robin Banks took the missing party favors. They looked like money bags with money inside, but it was just play money. She wanted the money so she could be like Robin Hood and help poor people. It was a great party. My friends gave me really cool presents. I got lots of Legos and other really cool stuff.

Goodbye. Thanks for listening. See you when I am eight!

The Parting Shot

Lake Taupo, New Zealand


  1. Q, your seven year old blog is so interesting. I hope you will continue to allow us to see what your life in New Zealand is about.

  2. Laasya and I enjoyed reading this adventure of Q! Laasya says, “I am doing an informational report about African Savannah Animal, Cheetah! Quentin already knows so much about those animals mum”
    I love this boy and he is so good. Good luck Quentin..

  3. This is amazing for a 7 year old. I love and admire his talents. He is such an intelligent boy with excellent parents. The best part of this write up are his “ese words”. Pastor Jaron and Elizabeth, I want to tap a little from your parenting styles.

  4. Could Q be any more precious? Smart! Humorous! Darling! So happy to see his adventures! A beautiful life for a beautiful family! Miss you all but joy in seeing your adventures. Y’all are a very special family! So glad you turned that wonderful 7! Thanks for sharing Q! Love you. ❤️

  5. I totally love this! Q, you are an excellent writer, just like your mum and dad!
    It sounds like your birthday was quite the adventure. Thank you for sharing! Keep trusting Jesus and enjoy life in New Zealand!

  6. Happy 7th Birthday, Quentin and thank you for your marmazing, sutastic post! It was so nice to hear from you! I loved hearing about all your amazing adventures! I hope we can someday come to see you there and I hope you get chickens soon! My friend has chickens and they are fun plus a great way to make some money selling eggs! Take care and please say hi to your parents for us! We pray for you all often! Love, Claudine (and Kevin, your mom’s cousin).

  7. Great stories by Quentin- he’s growing up too quickly- love you all. Great family photo. Dinah

    Roll Tide from Dr Huff!

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