Once Upon a Time…

By Elizabeth


Madi & Tyler... got into things at playgroup...
Madi & Tyler… got into things at playgroup…
Paddy is such a great cook, host, and cultural guide! She expresses love through food (and sharing her wardrobe)!
Paddy is such a great cook, host, and cultural guide! She expresses love through food (and sharing her wardrobe)!
Ready to go caving!
Ready to go caving!
Waitomo, NZ
Waitomo, NZ by Brianne Morrow
Slime and "big friends" at playgroup = entertainment for hours.
Slime and “big friends” at playgroup = entertainment for hours.
A surf lesson in Raglan. What could possibly be more kiwi?
A surf lesson in Raglan. What could possibly be more kiwi?
Sari selfie!
Sari selfie!
Our monthly Telugu (an Indian language) service took place last Saturday.
Our monthly Telugu (an Indian language) service took place last Saturday.

Once upon a time, Jaron and I were college students with stars in our eyes, dreams in our hearts, and a vast future full of possibilities ahead of us…

In those days, Jaron and a group of fellow students spent time working in Spain and led groups of high school students to serve the homeless populations in Toronto. I traveled with my family to work in Buenos Aires and cuddled babies with HIV in South Africa. In each of the places we traveled, we were welcomed and guided by people like Ronald and Shelly who eagerly shared the culture in which they lived and served. They helped open our eyes to the wide world beyond our familiar boarders and facilitated opportunities for us to hear God’s voice in fresh, new and challenging ways. We journeyed with peers like Gavin and Jill who became great friends (and matchmakers) and partners in ministry across the globe. We both found that our time spent in cross-cultural experiences across the globe was significant and formational, and would have been even if we’d never hopped the pond.

There is something rich and challenging and growing about stepping outside of our own normal to give of ourselves, and to learn from a different culture and context. Its’ the kind of experience that shapes ones worldview in tangible and intangible ways.

So when we were asked to host a group of students from Jaron’s Alma Mater, we jumped at the chance, although we were most certainly confused about how we could possibly be old enough to sit in the host/mentor seat. Once upon a time wasn’t actually that long ago, was it? We’ll chalk it up to being mature for our age. 😉 We believe in the value of cross-cultural experiences, particularly for young adults. We couldn’t wait to be a part of investing in a group of students.

Turns out, we got the awesome end of that bargain. The mums and caregivers at our music group for little ones agree. They are wondering when the next team is coming! As we put our team back on the plane on Monday, it was with hearts full of gratitude for six 20-somethings who for two weeks willingly served, explored, surfed, played, worked, prayed, and celebrated God’s good work alongside us. They ate all the food (no matter how spicy). They asked all the good questions and listened attentively. They articulated the ways they see God at work in profound ways.

One of our students wrote this in reflection:

“A few months ago, I would of never thought I would be serving God in such a beautiful country. No words can describe the beauty of God’s creation and what I saw while being on the trip. Saying this, my word for the trip was fearless. I was trusting God with all my heart with my unknown destination and there were many moments on the trip where I had to tell myself to trust God and be fearless in the conversations I had with others. One of my takeaways was just being able to see and experience a little glimpse of Heaven while being at Crossroads Church. The diversity of the Church and being able to come together and worship God from all different backgrounds and nationalities was truly remarkable. There were many times during the pop up events that I had to remind myself that we were planting seeds for God’s Kingdom, and even though we may not see the end result it is still very important. Every person has a name and every name has a story, it’s our job as Christians to know those names and find out their story. Thank you for allowing us to come and experience God in a new, awesome, and powerful way.”

In a week punctuated by horrific news in the media, these six were a source of joy, optimism and hope. Indeed a future filled with the faith, commitment, and love that these six live out daily is a very hope-filled future indeed.


Parting Shot

Madi, Bri, Bethany, Caity, Riley & Tyler's parting shot from Hamilton.
Madi, Bri, Bethany, Caity, Riley & Tyler’s parting shot from Hamilton.


  1. Thanks to Jaron and Elizabet for a great thought, goal and plan. God has given each one of us an ability to serve in His kingdom for His people. I have learnt a lot from each one of these 6 students when there were here. What an opportunity for me where I haven’t dreamt a dream but still God using me/us for his ministry!!!
    Thank you with much love..

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