Picture It #6

Our life in pictures.

Since pictures say it best, every now and then we sum up our day-to-day life during a given season in five pictures and five pictures only. Right now, it looks something like this. You can see our previous picture summaries here, hereherehere, here. If you do, you might do a double take at how much our boy has grown! I know I did!

  1. Q started a new school year!!!! He’s in NZ year two, which is the same as US first grade! Crazy! I could have posted any number of really goofy pics we took outside the front of our house (so many silly faces!), but I opted for this sweet one with his new teacher for two reasons. 1. It’s cute, and 2. I have a weird sense of disconnect. Not so very long ago, I was that young teacher welcoming new students. Now they’re graduated or graduating from high school!

2. This has been happening in the garage after school and over the past few weekends. Q and the neighborhood kids are building a fort. They have a plan and a name plate, which says, “Friends Fort.” It’s a real challenge to nail two boards together, but they are determined! Ummm, sorry, Jaron. The garage may be a wee bit of a mess when you get home.

3. The Hakarimata Summit Track has been mentioned a time or two on this blog. It’s one of our favorite ways to work out and enjoy nature. On this particular morning, the view was extra clear. I could see the ocean (behind that plant in the foreground, sorry). I have never seen those hills so dry and brown. It’s been a hot, dry summer around here. We’re thankful we’ve gotten to enjoy some warm sunshine after winter in the US, but those hills need rain!

4. There has been a lot of tree climbing going on In fact, an official announcement at school gave the kids the green light to climb a designated row of trees during morning tea and lunch. Q, who has always loved climbing, has been working on his tree climbing skills every day, including mastering one tree that requires him to jump from a nearby bench to grab onto the lowest branch and swing himself up. He demonstrated for me after school, and I was genuinely impressed and amazed(and slightly terrified, but of course I didn’t let on about the last part).

5. Last year, we wrote a whole blog post about one of our favorite events of the year, S’more S’mores. We just had our 2019 rendition this past Sunday, and it was as great as ever. People who are now s’more experts were excited to teach first timers. Kids ran around with marshmallow on their faces. Everyone ate dessert first. And, in many ways, it marked the beginning of the year for us as we settle into the rhythms of the school year.

NUMBER SIX. Normally we limit these posts to five pictures and five pictures only. And, in a way, we’re sticking to that. The five pictures above tell the story of what Q and I have been up to since we arrived back in NZ about three weeks ago. Jaron, on the other hand, has been experiencing a very different sort of life. He’s been in the Detroit, Michigan area enjoying all that winter weather has to offer, including ice, snow, canceled events and sub-par driving conditions. But he has also enjoyed the warm hospitality of wonderful people. And, the great news is: at this moment, he’s on a plane over the Pacific Ocean on his way back to us! Hooray!

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