The Newsletter of Being 6

By Q
The author, Showman Q, himself!
A note from the editor

It has been a tradition for the past few years for Q to write a blog post during his birthday month. Ok, in the past, it has been published during his birthday week, but birthday month is all the same, isn’t it? You can check out Q’s blog post when he turned 4 here and his reflections on turning 5 here. You’ll notice the gibberish words are gone. It’s a a bittersweet transition for this mama, though more sweet than bitter. I typed most of this post in the interest of speed (with Q looking over my shoulder to ensure that each word was recorded exactly as he dictated), but he typed the italicized sentences completely on his own. Sigh. Oh, and at the bottom, you’ll catch a little snippet of my recent after dinner entertainment. I think I’ll just bottle that up now. –Elizabeth

A Newsletter of Being 6

I am 6 now. This is the newsletter of being 6. I like being 6 because I got two new action figures named Hawk Eye and The Flash. Daddy tells me super hero stories at night. In the stories, super heroes save people. The Hulk always smashes things. In the last super hero story, he pulled whales out of the ocean. The Hulk likes to eat potatoes and ice cream.

My birthday party this year was “The Greatest Showman.” I have watched “The Greatest Showman” two times. I love the music. I wore the Greatest Showman’s costume. I helped Mommy decorate the cupcakes so they looked like popcorn. Mommy made chocolate cupcakes and put frosting on them. Then, she cut the marshmallows. I stretched the marshmallows and put them on the cupcakes. We had a game where you have to throw the balls and knock down the cans stacked into a pyramid.

My favorite part of my party was dancing with the music. My favorite song is “The Greatest Show,” but I really like all of the songs. I like singing the songs of “The Greatest Showman with the lyrics with Daddy after dinner.

I go to school. My favorite part of school is eating and playing zombies. I take my morning tea and lunch every day. We eat outside, even if it is raining because we can sit under the berandars.

[From the Editor: Folks, please read verandah there. Q said: Make sure it has an ‘r’ because kiwis put an ‘r’ at the end, and we don’t want it to be American.]

Last year my teacher was Mrs. Poland when I was in room 1. This year I am in room 4 and my teacher is Mrs. Middleton. Around the World is a maths [yep in NZ its maths not math] game, and I am the winner of Around the World in my class right now.

I go to horse riding lessons. I can feed my horse that I ride on. The horse that I ride on is named Tomtom. I have a pattern of feeding him. I feed him a carrot—an apple—a carrot—an apple every lesson day. Our lessons are like this video.


I also take swimming lessons. I like swimming. Today, at swimming I moved up to another level!  Next week, I will be in a new class with my favorite swimming teacher. I have learned to turn my head to the side and breath during crawl stroke. Back stroke is my favorite because it’s relaxing.

We are taking some trips this year. We are going to the South Island in the winter [September], and I am really excited to go skiing! I am excited to go to Australia, and I am really excited to hold the koala bears if I get to. I am also going to America [at the end of the year]. I hope it will be snowing.

Being 6 is awesome because I am older. Also, because I am learning to read and then I can get a Kindle so I can get Jack and Annie [Magic Treehouse] books. I can play games like Sorry and Catan Junior and Uno Attack. It’s also awesome because I moved up a swimming level! Also, I have made so many new friends at school!

That’s the newsletter on being 6. Last time, I just typed made-up words. This year, I typed real sentences all by myself.



Parting Shot
I am sure I have posted pictures of this tree before. Q and I say it’s our favorite along the river path were we walk/run/bike. A few weeks ago, it was just tinged with a rusty-red as you see above. Now, the green is nearly completely gone.


  1. You did an awesome job with your newletter! Your Paw paw would be so glad about your horse riding. I cant wait to hear from you again. Perhas you can do one before your next birthday. Thank you. Love you and will be glad to see you again.

    • Do you think Paw Paw would care that he’s definitely learning English riding techniques? 😉 Q says he’ll probably write again before his next birthday–when he has something to say. 😀

  2. Oh wow team this is an amazing blog.
    Woah what a wonderful birthday party you had. You have a very clever mummy to make those cupcakes which looked just like popcorn
    Your friends would have had the best time.
    Thank you for sharing this blog. Enjoyed reading the 4&5 postings also
    So clever
    Lol. Shelley. Xxx

    • Shelly–We did have fun! I’ll have to share the “chapter book” Q wrote (I recorded for him) last weekend. Too cute. Actually, I have a video of Jaron reading it. I will text this to you. Hope to see you soon! Laylee is bored out of her mind with all this rain!

  3. LOVED this. The party looked so well done! I hope you all have so much fun with the team that’s coming soon! 🙂

    • Thank you!! It was a pretty cute party! Q had the best time, which is all that matters. We are going to have a great time with the team. They arrive in one week!! We have a few new surprises up our sleeves this time. 😉 Our church is pretty excited about it. All will be unveiled soon. It’s funny how every year both the team and the activities are quite different. Blessings on your trip to South Africa!!

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