The Value of Short-Term Missions

Elizabeth, Bri, Hailee, Riley, Bethany, Quentin, Katelyn, Jaron, and Colby (the Graham fam + our 2019 SNU SIMS team)

Back in July, we hosted our fourth group of university students from SNU. They were a stellar crew. The two adults and one of the students had spent time with us on previous trips, and we loved having repeat visitors along with the new faces we got to know and love.

We’re looking forward to hosting another group who will help us facilitate a school holiday program next July. Hosting teams can be full-on, but it’s an investment we believe is worthwhile.

I wrote more about why short term mission trips done well are valuable for host for sites and travelers alike in this blog post for The Foundry Community.

Meanwhile, if you missed seeing our awesome team in action, here are a few of my favorite snaps (Hailee is a great photographer)!


  1. Thanks for letting us experience a tiny bit of “the mission” with you and your yankee helpers.
    The pics made me homesick for my childhood and teen home.
    May God bless you and give you fruit for your labor in beautiful N.Z.

    in His love,
    Connie Griffith Patrick.

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